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EARVANA has intensively pursued an improved guitar sound of acoustic engineering since its inauguration in 1998. Its innovative technology is represented by the EARVANA compensated nut as the replacement parts for nut, that was patented.

EARVANA is located in Paso Robles, California, between LA and San Francisco, which is a scenic city facing the Pacific.

Over the years, EARVANA has continued research and development with their efforts to produce the compensated nut having the most precise pitch that is available in the market. As a result, they have found the ratio of positions between nut and bridge with which ratio the well balanced precise pitch can be obtained on the fret board at any position. It is vital to adjust the connection position of the nut and string to equalize the tone of each string from the nut to the 12th fret.

If the bridge of the guitar is shifted forward, the tone from the bridge to the 12th fret becomes sharp, and vice versa. In the case of a piano, the arrangement of the bridges with the string being stretched over changes gradually in a lateral direction from the high note one to the low note. The EARVANA compensated nut is made based on the same tuning system as that.

The advantage of using the EARVANA nut in your guitar is
・ The precise pitch can be obtain for every string;
・ The guitar does not need to be altered to such an extent to cause the loss of its origin
  (particularly effective for a vintage guitar);
・ The specific tuning parts are not necessary;
・ The nuts are adapted to the fingerboard of various radiuses;
・ The nuts can be installed on many types of guitars at a low cost; and
・ Tuning can be more speedy and easier.




Fender style shelf nut 1-5/8" R 12" (Width 41.28mm、305mm radius on top)

[Product Code : 3101]


Fender style shelf nut 1-5/8" R 7.25"(Width 41.28mm、184mm radius on top)

[Product Code : 3100]



Gibson style shelf nut 1-11/16" R 12" (Width 42.86mm、305mm radius on top)

[Product Code : 3102]