Paul Stanley

Lots of Time Machine Parts were equipped
with Paul Stanley's (KISS) Les Paul !

  • Brian Ray

  • Joe Bonamassa and Gary Rossington

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Paul Stanley's genuine 1959 Burst #90607 restored by GM Vintage

Buying a vintage Sunburst Les Paul in need of TLC is a lot like getting a pedigree pure bred from the rescue pound.
You know the potential. You know what it can be if rehabilitated and you also have no idea why someone did what they did to it.
But seeing it after it's been nursed back is definitely worth all the time and effort.
-- Paul Stanley, 2013

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Rick Nielsen

Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick proudly displays his latest Les Paul which features a full compliment of aged Montreux parts.Rick loves the way it looks and sounds, and this Les Paul is seeing action every night on Cheap trick's current tour.

Aged by Gord Miller

Aged by Gord Miller

From a customer in France

From a customer in Japan

Gibson 2009 Historic 58 LP Apricot aged by Tom Murphy



TELEGIB by Montreux

1969 Gibson ES335 "Walnut"

Paul Reed Smith SC 58 ~Black&Gold~

Montreux Custom Jazzmaster

1954 Gibson Les Paul

James Tyler Burning Water 90's

Gibson Historic 1961 Les Paul / SG Duane Allman

1964 Fender Stratocaster modified

59 Historic mod by Montreux

Vintage Les Paul Custom / Keith Richards

Lots of Time Machine Parts were equipped
with Keith Richards's (The Rolling Stones) Vintage Les Paul Custom !

Gibson Thunderbird Bass with Montreux Pickups

Gibson CUSTOM SHOP Special Run 1964 Firebird III Reissue VOS Vintage Sunburst